Have a question about Insuladd? We can help!

Q: Does Insuladd®   really work?
A: Absolutely! You can do your own test by going to competitor websites and looking for the following:

1) Test reports for the competitor products from official and verifiable testing laboratories as seen on our Test Reports page at http://www.insuladd.com/test-reports/.

2) Media attention for the competitor products like our video by HGTV. The media won’t put its name on the line for a product feature prior to researching it thoroughly.

3) Professional Associations and Qualifications such as” Energy Star.”

4) Articles and publications about the “competitors product’s” from nationally or globally recognized authorities such as our NASA “Green Paint” article or the NASA Spinoff article about how our Insuladd Additive Transforms Paint into insulation.

Summary: The bottom line is there is a distinct difference between our verified research and competitors’ ability to substantiate their claims. Our claims are backed by professional laboratories, Media, and nationally & globally recognized authorities. Only expect the best from Insuladd®!

Q: Will Insuladd® change the color of my paint?

A: Insuladd® has the appearance of a very fine white powder and will not affect the color of white or light colored paint. If added to dark colored paint such as navy blue or dark brown for example then a color shift of one shade lighter can be expected.

Q: Will Insuladd® create a texture in my paint?
A: Insuladd® is not visible when added to house paint however on very smooth surfaces you can sometimes feel a slight texture which is normally no different than what you feel in the texture that a paint roller makes when used on the walls of your home.

Q: How much does Insuladd® cost?

A: All prices and shipping costs are shown on our website! The overall cost per sq ft when using Insuladd®  Insulating Additive mixed into paint that you purchase from you local paint store or home improvement center comes out to an average of about $.10 per sq ft of painted wall or ceiling area. The energy cost savings you’ll get from Insuladd®   more than pays you back for the cost of the product. In fact, it is very common to see that within a couple of years your energy savings have paid you back for the total cost of painting your home.

Q: I live in a northern climate, will Insuladd® work for me?
A: Absolutely! Adding Insuladd® insulating paint to the interior walls and ceilings of your home will help reduce heat loss from within your home to the cold outside air and make your home much more comfortable and temperature stable. Remember that heat travels to cold. The heat inside your home wants to escape toward the colder outside air.

Q: What kind of paint should I use?
A: Insuladd® mixes equally well in any type of paint so simply use whatever paint you like!

Q: How many coats of paint should I apply?
A: For best results, apply 2 coats of paint with Insuladd®. Insuladd is such an excellent insulating barrier, anything more than 2 coats only gives a marginal increase in performance.

Q: Should I use Insuladd® both inside and outside?
A: For the optimum in energy efficiency it is best to use Insuladd® both inside and out. However, either application alone will give you a very noticeable increased energy efficiency which in turn drives down utility bills. (We have a report from one of our past customers which is available on our website which shows a 20% reduction in heating oil usage just from painting the ceilings in his home!)

Q: Can I paint over Insuladd® at a later date?
A: Yes! Painting over a surface that has previously been painted with Insuladd® will only result in a slight decrease in performance.

Q: How much Insuladd® do I need?
A: You should figure on an average coverage rate of 250 sq. ft. per gallon for most house paints so you will want one bag of Insuladd®  for each gallon of paint that you purchase.

Q: Can Insuladd® be sprayed?
A: Yes!  simply remove the small cartridge filter from the spray gun handle or it will clog up trying to strain out the Insuladd® from the paint.

Insuladd VS Competitors

It is typical in most industries for “Copy Cats” to pop up. Unfortunately for the copy cats in our industry, they simply cannot stand up to the Insuladd® standard of excellence. That is because we developed the product with the help of NASA ourselves and protected our product with a patent. There is simply no other product on the market that can stand up to the quality of Insuladd®. Don’t believe the snake oil salesman!

Here is information on Insuladd® compared to REAL information about the our “competitors” and the products they offer:


The ONLY real, tested, patented Insuladd® Insulating Paint Additive:



Products manufactured by Tech Traders (now owned by Insuladd Environmental Products) have received substantial media attention. (“Home & Garden TV”,” Fine Living”,” I Want That”, “Discovery Home”, “The Home Shopping Network” and “Extreme How To”. We are an “Energy Star” partner and we produce “Energy Star” qualified products.

Insuladd®  products have over 15 years of professional independent test data available to consumers as well as verifiable participation with NASA. Insuladd has been featured twice in the NASA “Spin Off” publication.

Products: Insulating additives (residential and industrial), Paints, Primers
Summary: Insuladd®  products have substantial credentials to substantiate the performance claims made for these products. No other “competitor” comes close to our technology or technical verification of performance!




Hy-Tech advertises itself as Insuladd®. Al Abruzzese was an Insuladd® paint rep up until 2003 when he started the Hy-Tech company. The bottom line is Hy-Tech does not possess our technology and are simply re-sellers of “off the shelf” microspheres. Hy-Tech had no participation in any NASA program and their sole credential is the 2003 “NASA Spin Off” magazine article that Al sent in to NASA while he was our employee.

Furthermore, Hy-Tech has no test data available on their website. The only “proof” is “testimonials.” Note: We have taken Hy-Tech to Federal court on 2 occasions for trademark infringement, deceptive and fraudulent trade practices. We won both cases and Hy-Tech was fined in excess of $50,000.

Products: Paints and additives
Summary: Hy-tech has about 15 websites, but their lack of test data as well as media attention tells the true story.



Koolcoat claims to have a ceramic technology based on 3M microspheres. The claim is that the hollow microspheres are thermal reflectors which is not scientifically factual. No test data from any source is available on their website, only “testimonials.” We have evaluated all of 3M’s microspheres and none of them are, in fact, thermal reflectors. Hollow microspheres in paint do not create a thermal resistor. That is simply due to lack of mass that is required for thermal resistors effectiveness. Hollow microspheres do not possess any properties to reflect Infra Red (IR) Radiation.

Products: Paints and a microsphere additive
Summary: Not a scientifically proven, viable insulating product.




Nansulate claims “nano-technology” in their paint products, but unlike Insuladd®, no actual test data from any source is available on their website. The only “proof” that their products work is “testimonials.”

Products: Paints only (no additives) These products are very expensive @ $79.95 per gallon and $399.95 per 5 gallon pail.
Summary: Unverified technology based on the lack of laboratory test reports. Far more expensive than Insuladd®.


Eden Pure


This product was Insuladd® marketed under a different brand name. Tech Traders (the original owner of Insuladd®) contracted with (Resource Partners Enterprises) from 2009 to 2011 to market and promote Insuladd® products. That contract has been terminated and they are no longer affiliated in any way with Insuladd®.




Thermilate was an Insuladd® distributor for 5 years and marketed our products internationally under the Thermilate brand name. We terminated our contract with Thermilate in 2008 due to their financial & corporate problems. Furthermore, Thermilate was making an attempt to associate our test data with their inexpensive, off-the-shelf microspheres instead of continuing to use the scientifically verified Insuladd® products. All test data on Thermilate  websites is actually testing done with Insuladd® products.

Products: Paints and additives

Summary: Thermilate claims nano-technology as well as ceramic technology. They are in the same “competitor” class as Hy-Tech, Nansulate, and Koocoat beacuse their products are not actually verified or tested in any laboratories.




The therma-guard technology claim is that they use 4 different ceramic materials to make an insulating paint. 2 materials create a “reflective” quality, 1 creates a” dead air space,” and the 3rd blocks 99.5% of IR radiation. Their claim is not scientifically feasible because it is impossible to “load” a paint with 3 or 4 types of microspheres. So even if their microspheres possessed the qualities they claim, there would be no way to provide an adequate dispersion of each individual microsphere type into a paint mixture to provide thermal protection for each of the functions claimed.

The evidence is in the test data: there is none! There aren’t even testimonials on their site.

Products: A number of products are available on their website, including toys!
Summary: No viable insulating paint products, no test data, and no testimonials all point to dubious claims.




Supertherm claims “multi-ceramics” technology just like ThermaGuard.
There is no test data is available from any source on their website or any customer testimonials.

Products: numerous varied paints.
Summary: no viable insulating paint products.

Insuladd products have been featured by the Media on TV shows such as HGTV, Fine Living, HSN, Discovery Channel.